I completed most traveling. From traditional locations like Rome and Copenhagen, to off-the-beaten-path venues like Gdansk, Poland and Xiamen, Asia, my personal favorite thing about watching brand-new spots (aside from the meals) has long been the reminder that my personal little globe is not necessarily the center on the world. All of us conceptually realize that discover vast amounts of people living their particular schedules in different ways than we do-all throughout the world, but those differences frequently do not come to be genuine until we come across all of them firsthand.

Take Seoul, for instance. The capital of South Korea is just as a metropolis as new york, with just as much distinctive quirks. I spent 12 months in Seoul a short while ago while touring with a musical and got to witness many of these societal differences live plus in color. One particular interesting? Korean dating tradition.

In the event that you believed finding really love in NYC had been intensive, you have obviously never been to Korea. These guys are romance heavy hitters, using their distinct matchmaking scene varying from ours in certain fascinating means:


In a connection is more important in Korea than it is in new york, with teenagers and women experiencing the stress discover really love not only using their moms and dads but also from the tradition it self. With breaks for girlfriends, vacation trips for boyfriends, valentine’s, and White Day (simply to name many), getting section of a couple in Korea is a BFD!

Blind Dates Galore

Since it is so essential are coupled upwards, Korean singles will minimize at absolutely nothing to discover a substantial different, such as going on numerous blind dates. Pals, coworkers, moms and dads as well as other loved ones will ready blind dates up assured to be the ones credited with a match.

Gender Roles

The roles of the man while the girl are fairly similar in nyc, with each celebration working in order to make an excellent impression and sustain interest. In Korea, however, it mostly drops regarding man for and maintain lady. Likely caused by hundreds of years of male-dominated homes, Korean men is certainly going to fantastic lengths to be sure their women are content: putting on corresponding garments, showering all of them with gifts, and holding their purses.

The effectiveness of Beauty

Appearances will always vital, and undoubtedly another person’s look is one factor whenever a Westerner looks for a mate, but Koreans grab this many actions furthermore. Beauty is vital in relation to Korean ladies impressing a prospective go out, and is almost certainly exactly why Korea is the plastic surgery money worldwide. In fact, Korean parents often encourage their unique daughters with surgery treatment for graduating highschool.

In lots of ways, Koreans know what’s up regarding dating. I ask yourself what can occur if all of us brand-new Yorkers took a cue from Southern Korea… How would all of our matchmaking tradition and conduct modification when we put a lot more focus on locating relationships rather than hookups? Whenever we took a lot more possibilities with blind times? Or… watch for it – if men practiced multiple acts of chivalry for an alteration?

It’s not hard to get wrapped up within our own tumultuous dating planets and shed picture for the huge photo. At the conclusion of a single day, no matter where we are in this field, people just want to love and stay adored.